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15 Nov My friend’s tale


One of the most valuable things one can possess is knowledge. It is something that cannot be taken by others nor can vanish as easily as a bubble. More importantly, if you treasure and flourish it right, you’ll be surprised by how knowledge can make an impact on your life.

My friend  has earned what she had unconsciously invested in for a long time. Influenced by her mother who is a retired teacher, at a young age, she would always play detective and go hungry for information. She loved to dig into different worlds printed on the pages of the books and discover new things as she went through every word. She would research about different things that caught her interest and be awed by how much wonder the world had that she didn’t know about yet. One thing she told me when I was talking to her, was when she had to lease her Ford Fiesta city car so she can save up too.


When she reached college, her father, who is an eminent entrepreneur of a confectionery manufacturing company, visualized her future as an ambassadress representing the country, hence her decision to take up International Studies.

But fate made a bizarre turn as it stored an even far-reaching opportunity for her, which what led her to where she stands today.

During her early years as an adult, she spent most of her time working for her dad’s company as the executive vice president, where she learned to handle the company’s sales, marketing, and finance.

Having worked for the company is what furnished her with business management experience. But, her persona as a researcher is the very root of her now emerging corporation.

And now she is running her own business and running for eight years now and continuing its quest to become the top choice provider of globally competitive, innovative, and excellent beauty and wellness products, the country is getting nearer to reaching its highest peak in the beauty industry.

With this knowledge at hand, she didn’t let a huge opportunity slip away and so she decided to hire a chemist and a pharmacist to put things all together for the creation of the final product. And even though the market was already cluttered by skin whitening products back in 2009, she didn’t hesitate to dive into the competition.


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