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05 Mar 5 Quick app store optimization tips

 5 Quick app store optimization tips

ASO has become very important and crucial for the survival and success of any app. Optimizing your app and increasing its visibility will eventually result in more app users and more downloads. With app store optimization, quality is a lot more important than quantity. This means that it is better to focus on loyal users who will continue to use the app for a long period of time. In this article we will highlight the most important app store tips:

  1. Focus on your app icon:

Your app icon is probably the first thing potential users will notice about your app. Appealing graphics can greatly increase the rate of conversion results in real downloads. It is very important to design a logo that is both attractive and informative. It should be descriptive enough to tell the users about the app’s functions. It shouldn’t have too many details as this could be quite confusing.

  1. Pay attention to the app name:

This is another thing that users will first notice about your app. Your name should be easy to understand and should be related to the app and what it does. The best way to know if a name works is to ask people who know nothing about your app if they have an idea of what it is about by just looking at the name. It is also very important to include the strongest keyword in your app name even before the brand name.

  1. Your app description should be informative:

Your description should be catchy, short and to the point. It is better to use short paragraphs and bullet points when writing your app description. The first paragraph should be packed with keywords and should be very catchy.

  1. Make sure that your app screenshots are informative:

Most people will be interested to see how your app looks like and functions in real life. That is why app screen shots are extremely important. If the screenshots are not informative, not visually appealing or of low quality, your users will not be tempted to download your app. It is also useful to add a little descriptive sentence at the top of each screenshot so that the users are aware of what you are trying to highlight.

  1. App promo videos are extremely important:

Once again we can never stress enough how important visuals are. Both IOS and Google Play allow developers to upload a promo video to demonstrate their apps. It should properly describe the app and its key features.


Paying attention to these important and quick tips can help you achieve your app store optimization goals.

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