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12 Jun A gift for someone special

Obviously, I have a lot of experience with illness in myself and within others as well, and a lot of people come to me asking for good ideas for Breast cancer gifts. What I mean is that people come in and they ask what to do for their loved one, because their loved one is suffering greatly from something like cancer, and they’ve never had to buy a gift for someone like this before, and they don’t want to buy a gift that acknowledges the thing in a negative way, and they don’t want to buy a gift it doesn’t acknowledge it at all to try to diminish the importance of it. This is important, because I think our culture has such a fear of death, and has so many misconceptions, that when somebody is on the verge of it we don’t even know how to bridge the subject with them. It is so important to learn how to do that as Society though. We really need to. I am somebody who truly believes in the fact that we really need to learn how to deal with these things, and how to talk to people, and how to be open and vulnerable and totally healthy ways, this is what I’m devoting my life to, and one of the ways in which I plan on doing this is by promoting the use of healing crystals and other types of energy displacement and replacement and improvements. I know that this is not the most practical thing, and that a lot of people aren’t going to adhere to it, but what I have experienced is that when someone experiences the goodness of these attempts, they never go back.

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