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14 Mar A New Look At Labor

One of the best things that you can do, or at least that I have ever done with my business, is software outsourcing. Look, I’m not against hiring software Engineers. But, I think you should only do it if they have daily routines which of keep them busy and working, enough to justify their massive salaries. Which, the salaries, are not even a little bit small. Engineers are some of the most highly paid people in the world, and they expect to be so. So, having a couple engineers and software programmers on your staff is not a cheap thing, and I often found that they were not the types of employees that needed to be there every day. So, when it came to managing my own business, I knew that I was not going to employ a full-time software engineers. I mean, if you are a software engineering company, obviously you’re going to have software Engineers, but they are going to have daily routines. The beauty about Outsourcing is that you can take on projects that you otherwise wouldn’t have the time to take on, and work with a third-party to add value to your brand by using their talents. Third party vendors, in an Outsourcing economy, or something that, if you’re not taking advantage of, you are missing out and detracting from the value of your business and that is just science. It’s a fact. Specialization of Labor is a huge thing to be investing and engaging in. I am shocked about how many people don’t Outsource any elements of their business and instead lose money on those exact same element. It’s like the solution is laid out right in front of you but you are still choosing not to open your eyes and look at it. Happens all the time, I’m just noticing this trying to login business, and I’m thinking that people are not going to be able to ignore very much longer. If you had the blinders on, I encourage you to pinch yourself and get moving with Outsourcing.

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