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15 Nov My friend’s tale

  One of the most valuable things one can possess is knowledge. It is something that cannot be taken by others nor can vanish as easily as a bubble. More importantly, if you treasure and flourish it right, you’ll be surprised by how knowledge can make...

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02 Oct Chilling Out With Friends

Last month we and my friends from highschool were all chilling by the beach to celebrate our tenth year together. Imagine, we have been friends for ten years and I must say our friendship grew stronger each time! We arranged a simple camping activity. My...

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01 Aug Travel with Kenny

  I will be traveling with my son Kenny in six months time. As early as now, I want to prepare the things I should bring, especially that I am bringing along a six year old kid with me. Before, when I was traveling solo, I...

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07 Jul Birthday Blues

My birthday is coming up and I am excited to receive gifts already from my loved ones. I remember last year when my mother gifted me with wooden watches, a couple of them, with cute boxes that come with it. It was very special for...

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05 Jun New skin treatment

This Vitamin c serum for face is the best skin treatment I have ever used. And that's the thing, so many things to make us feel better to make us to look better are just these cheap fixes that don't actually make us any health...

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