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28 Apr Best Eyeliner for Oily Lids

Makeup is a magical creation that many women like to experiment with and use on a daily basis.  It’s not uncommon to change the way you do your makeup, because your style changes as you change.  With all the choices out there, now, you can look at getting a great personalized look that works for your skin type, colouring, and other needs you might have.  This includes the frustrating thing that many women deal with: oily skin.  You can get concealer, foundation and even eyeshadow.  But what’s the good in all that if your eyeliner still runs?  Well, worry no longer.  Here are six options for the best eyeliner for oily lids.



This is the number one choice.  It comes from a well recognized brand and has all of the necessities you are looking for an investment for your hard-earned money.  This is the perfection smudge-proof option that will help you create the look of your dreams, be it a quiet line that streaks across your eyelid, or a bold and sassy smoky eye that make your eyes pop as you head out for the night.  This is a 24 hour formula that will stay perfectly in place, no matter how oily your eyelids get over the span of a day and night.  This is the makeup that you know will never let you down, and is our number one option for that reason.


  1. Urban Decay – 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

This is a great second runner in the competition for liquid eyeliner that has been designed especially for those with oily skin and eyelids.  This product will apply smoothly to the eyelid with a thin and strong brush that will follow your every movement.  You’ll get an accurate each time so that your look is perfect with little to no fuss when you leave the house in the morning.  Even better is that your look will stay perfect and gorgeous until you crawl into bed that night, too.  That is the benefit of having makeup made to last.  With a smudge-proof and long lasting formula, you’ll get a great look that will put your old eyeliner to shame!


  1. Benefit – Magic Ink

With jet black appeal, this is a well loved favourite amongst makeup wearers of all ages.  This brand will guarantee a smooth application each time, and a strong bold look however you choose to show off your eyes.  Smudge proof and designed to work with oily skin, you can cry to your heart’s content and your makeup will stay in place.  This, then, is the perfect eyeliner for a night out at the movies or in a nigh club.  Designed to stay in place until you take it off at the end of the night, this is a great option to consider to those with oily lids and all of the frustration that goes along with them.


  1. Shu Uemura – Calligraph Ink Liquid Eyeliner Pen

If you’re interested in a refillable idea, this is a great one to look at.  Like some of the options we’ve looked at so far, this is a pen style (great for those who do their makeup in the car) and comes with a cartridge that you can refill.  This is great for those who love the option of reducing waste and who are happy with the quality of their purchase.  Perfect for minimalist and bold looks, both, you can get a great daytime and nighttime look out of one pen with this option.  It’s perfect for staying on during the hot weather and is fade proof for our convenience and adoration.


  1. Lancome – Artliner

For those who are into the artistry of eyeliner and its options, consider the precise tip of this brand for your lifestyle.  It rolls on smoothly with a bold, precise streak every time.  It is guaranteed to offer those with oily lids relief from the normal smudging and running that some of the mainstream brands cause.  This is perfect for anyone who is searching for a great minimalist look at work that can be added to in no time at all with an additional streak in the car or at the club.  It’s a great style that is meant for both “on the go” use as well as your regular morning routines.


  1. Stila – Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

For an option that will open up a world of possibilities, give this brand a try.  It advertises a small footprint (great for those who need to throw their makeup on in a car) and the eyeliner pen itself is meant for a quick application.  Guaranteeing crisp lines, smooth streaks and a bold colour of your choice, you can get a great option with this.  The tip on this eyeliner is meant for a clean look and you will get a thick streak everyday, even when you get to the end of the pen.  No more fading, smudging or running for your eyeliner, no matter how much your cry, or how oily your lids are.  A great option for those who are looking for a professional option for their skin needs.


Remember, just because you are living with oily eyelids, doesn’t mean you have to stick with crappy eyeliner that ruins your look a couple minutes after you leave the house.  You deserve the best of the best just like everyone else.  Hence, these top 6 options should give you a great starting baseline so that you can choose which one is the best for you and have your eyes opened (and outlined) to the fascinating world of professional makeup that actually does what the advertisement promises.  Smudging will be gone from your life with these options, and you’ll look your best from the moment you finish the final touches, to the moment you take your eyeliner off at the end of the day.  That is the kind of quality that is advertised here for your enjoyment.

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