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07 Jul Birthday Blues


My birthday is coming up and I am excited to receive gifts already from my loved ones. I remember last year when my mother gifted me with wooden watches, a couple of them, with cute boxes that come with it. It was very special for me as I know my mother really picked it up and shopped online. You know, my mother rarely shop online. Actually, it was her first time without me knowing so I know she really made an effort to do that. I doubt she asked helped from my brother because he was always preoccupied with work. Up to now, I have those wooden watches in my cabinet. I really treasure them a lot. I also remember when my sister wanted to get it but I refused. Mother just bought another one for her. This year, I am not really expecting anything from my mother but I do hope I’d ever he will, she will give something I can use for my business. I started a small business in town which involves retails fashion so I am hoping I can get a few items for my small office so I can cut it out of my budget.


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