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14 Mar A New Look At Labor

One of the best things that you can do, or at least that I have ever done with my business, is software outsourcing. Look, I'm not against hiring software Engineers. But, I think you should only do it if they have daily routines which of...

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13 Apr Paraben Free Makeup and Why?

You hear people talk about detoxing and eating healthy but what about eliminating certain chemicals in your cosmetics? My philosophy is, why bother detoxing if you are going to continue to load your system with more chemicals? Something we don’t think about is layering loads...

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07 Mar Well, work on the basement suite is going well

Well, work on the basement suite is going well. Once again, Linda and I have managed to create a diamond out of the rough. I don't know why we keep doing it. But I'll tell you one thing, doing it is starting to take quite a toll on my body. I haven't told Linda about it yet, but this time around, this renovation cost me a whole lot of pain even if it costs less money than usual. I can begin to feel the health of my spine, you know like my neck and back, specifically my lower back, deteriorate with all this hard work we've been doing. It's terrible because we finally found something that we love to do together and that is quite profitable for us.

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