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02 Oct Chilling Out With Friends


Last month we and my friends from highschool were all chilling by the beach to celebrate our tenth year together. Imagine, we have been friends for ten years and I must say our friendship grew stronger each time! We arranged a simple camping activity. My friends Lissa and Kaye pitched tents, I prepared food (bread, pasta, barbecue, and pizza) and some booze too! Another friend Kim and Minna both jammed for the night and we all had a blast. To cap off our celebration, we had a fun shoot using our 360 grad kamera and the results were all awesome. The photos all looked great for the best 360 camera i bought with me. I remember last year, we celebrated in a small resort we rented for two days. Much has changed since then. Minna is now married to her long time boyfriend Karlo and Kim is also getting married in two months time. I, on the other hand, is set to explore Europe for the next six months and Toby, our resident fashion icon, is set to open her second boutique. I remember when we had our first get together we were all so young back then but look at us now, all grown and matured and I think a big part of our maturity is that we grew together through thick and thin. This group will be treasured for a lifetime, I swear! I love them so much and I will not trade any other friend aside from them.



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