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28 Mar How to Get a Contemporary Cool Decorating Look


Are you looking for a new look for your home? Do you think you would like the contemporary look? What follows the contemporary look?
First off, many will say it is a cool look. It is a modern look that has clean lines. Skip the swag curtains and the colonial furniture. Think sleek and modern.


It contains:

• Furniture that isn’t fussy

• Use pillows if they only serve a real purpose, either for color or use

• Furniture that sticks with solid colors

• Furniture that may be bold looking or even neutral in color

• White on white is definitely a contemporary look that many loves

• Gray is always a foolproof choice

• Yet, there can be a bold jolt of color such as red

• Shine can be a center of the contemporary look.

• Think mirrors

• Glass tables with  wooden dinnerware

• Black lacquer

• Lucite and even metallic accents

• When it comes to accent pieces, consider smoky vases, or knickknacks of your favorite colors

• Accessories and art work can be vital keys to the look, allow them to pop

• Look for lamps that can serve for lighting and can also work as pieces of art, all by themselves

• Consider your focal point being one painted wall

• Keep the space uncluttered

If you are at a lost on how to decorate your room in a way that is considered contemporary, get ideas from magazines, books, art or anything that captures your own imagination. Most of all don’t be afraid to experiment and remember the look is supposed to represent you and what you like more than anything else. Don’t try to just copy what someone else has done. That wouldn’t be an expression of you.

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