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10 Apr How to Start a Web Design Business


Starting a Web design business can be fun and rewarding as long as you take the steps necessary to be successful. Lists of steps are provided below to help you get started:
Write a business plan spelling out what target market you’re going to try to gain a market share of and prepare a detailed financial projection of at least five years out. Having a defined business plan with measurable goals is important in getting your web design business started.


Decide where you’ll operate your web design business. Most people starting out start out of their homes and that’s the recommendation I would give for any aspiring web designers. Working out of your home provides a cheap alternative until you can build up your business and the growth commands you to have retail store front. For online business, better to invesnt in a legit  Canadian web hosting.

Contact your local city or county tax office and check on obtaining a business license. Also, if you’re operating from your home you may have to check with the zoning officials and pay a fee to get a certificate that approves your home for such a commercial use.

When starting a web design business you should have knowledge of the skills required to provide the service. If not, you should check with local colleges and see if they offer any type of web design certificates so you can learn the basics.

Once you get your web design business set up you should decide on what type of web design program you’ll use. The common software used for web design is Dreamweaver, content management systems such as Joomla or Word Press, other WYSWYG html editors that are available on the market. Also, a good graphics editor program such as Adobe Illustrator or similar should be acquired so you can make graphics and other visual concepts of the sites you plan to build.

If you don’t plan on building the websites yourself you should find some freelancers or outsource the work to others. You can find a lot of valuable talent by just searching Google. Contact people and ask them to see their web design portfolios and prices.

A big part of being a successful web designer is obtaining those first five customers and making their websites the way they want them. Most web design business is done by referrals so make sure you start off on the right path and offer your initial customers a discount and reward for any future referrals. Starting a web design business can be rewarding, but you must market and promote your business. Just as you created a business plan you must have a marketing plan established so you can acquire customers.

Owning a web design business requires a lot of work so don’t enter the field if you’re not willing to commit the time or offer discounts to get your business going. As you grow as a web designer you can offer additional related services such as web hosting, domain registration, graphics design and other related businesses, but first concentrate on growing your web design business so that you’ll be able to grow in the future.

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