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08 Feb J H Marketplace Renamed “The Bad Wife,” Raises Park Slope Eye Brows


In what is apparently meant as a playful joke, Jim Lee is expanding and rebranding his Park Slope market, at 378 seventh Ave, changing the name to “The Bad Wife.” They even went as far as get water bottles custom label. 25 years, according to the Brooklyn Paper, Lee feels its “time to expand” and has rented the store front adjacent to his shop which he will use for flowers, plants, and Asian groceries.
So why call it “The Bad Wife?”

Many residents who know the Lees find it amusing while others say it is offensive. Either way, it seems like a very odd choice for the name of a market selling groceries, fruit, flowers and the like.

Undoubtedly it will be cause for people walking past to notice, and Lee has clearly managed to get more attention than he would have if he changed the name to something less controversial, even if he is adding flowers, plants and groceries.

But clearly, Lee means well, and actually intended to honor his wife. It also seems that Lee has enough customers that like the name, don’t mind it, or don’t dislike it enough to stop shopping there that he will probably not experience any decline in sales.

Park Slope residents will be left to ponder, however, what exactly “The Bad Wife” really means, and if they like it.



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