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30 Oct My love for coffee


I love coffee. In every where I go, I always make sure I drop by a café to taste their local coffee. As I was on a trip to New York with my boyfriend, we rented a car going to my friend’s place. I spotted a coffee shop and I encouraged him to drop by to grab some cups on our way. I was relieved that the car I rented has dashcam, which underwent dashcam test and I felt so secured that time. And so I went to the coffee shop and enjoyed a couple of hours there.


Why I love coffee?

There are also situations when stimulant effects may not be desirable and caffeine intake should be restricted. Those with cardiovascular disease, hypertension,insomnia, anxiety disorders and acid peptic disease are more susceptibleto the harmful effects of caffeine. There is evidence linking caffeine to sleep and behavioral problems among children and adolescents, and the safety limit for caffeine in these age groups has not yet been established with certainty. Excess caffeine intake during pregnancy has been associated with fetal growth restriction, low birth weight, stillbirth and premature delivery. Breastfeeding mothers are also advised to avoid caffeine to prevent it from being passed on to the infant.


I read before that about 400mg of caffeine in a day is safe for most healthy adults. However, accurately tracking one’s cumulative caffeine intake can be tricky because it is found in many different dietary sources, andsome people may actually be taking in more caffeine than they realize. Nevertheless, meticulously reading labels and calculating total consumption is crucial in order to avoid inadvertently overdosing on caffeine.

An expert also said that an 8-oz cup of coffee (‘short’ size at the popular coffee chain) can contain between 100-200mg of caffeine. For reference, the approximate amount of caffeine in the following sources is as follows: 12-ounce soda: 35-45mg, 8-ounce cup of tea: 14-60mg, 1.5-ounce chocolate bar: 20-45mg (with relatively higher amounts of caffeine in dark chocolate), 16-ounce energy drink: 160mg.Some medications may contain as much as 500mg of caffeine. Coffee has been around since the 11th century, first making an appearance on the African continent and spreading from there to Europe and South America. Coffee is not really new in the Philippines, with the famed Kalinga and Batangas coffee coming instantly to mind. In a 2017 article in The Telegraph, Oliver Smith reported that the world’s biggest coffee drinkers – in terms of per capita consumption – are Iceland, Norway and Finland.


For many of us, the thought of coffee invokes a warm sense of comfort and companionship. Today, from the ubiquitous three-in-one coffee sachets to the specialty coffee shops in every mall and nearly every street corner, coffee is deeply entrenched in modern-day life and popular culture. Coffee enthusiasts recommend that coffee always be made from freshly ground, perfectly roasted, carefully selected coffee beans. But regardless of one’s chosen brew or beverage, it is best enjoyed together with great conversation, and in the company of good friends.


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