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13 Apr Paraben Free Makeup and Why?

You hear people talk about detoxing and eating healthy but what about eliminating certain chemicals in your cosmetics? My philosophy is, why bother detoxing if you are going to continue to load your system with more chemicals? Something we don’t think about is layering loads of lotion onto our skin and having it absorb into our system later. It is certainly counter-intuitive to try to cleanse your body through any detox system.

So which chemical do you start off with? For me, paraben is an ingredient that is a no-no in my household. Why you may ask? According to this article (http://davidsuzuki.org/issues/health/science/toxics/chemicals-in-your-cosmetics—parabens/)  posted on the David Suzuki’s website, parabens easily penetrate the skin and the European Commission on Endocrine Disruption has listed parabens as Category 1 priority substances, based on evidence that they interfere with hormone function.

Furthermore, parabens can mimic estrogen, the primary female sex hormone and they have been detected in human breast cancer tissues. This suggests a possible association between parabens in cosmetics and cancer.  I highly believe in the art of prevention rather than having to fix a detrimental health issue later, therefore eliminating parabens in all my cosmetics and skincare products is a step I take very seriously.

Last but not least, there have been studies which indicate that methylparaben applied on the skin reacts with UVB leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage. There is certainly enough documented evidence out there and I hope by sharing this article with you, it will also help you find reasons to eliminate parabens and to replace your cosmetics and skincare with paraben-free cosmetics instead.

What’s next? I suggest going through your daily skincare and cosmetics and scan for parabens on the ingredient list. I know it is wasteful to have to throw them away but the health of your family and yourself is worth much more than a bottle of lotion.

My favourite paraben-free cosmetics brands are listed below:

Amaterasu (amaterasu.ca)

Aveda (aveda.com)

Burt’s Bees (burtsbees.com)

Dr. Hauschka (drhauschka.com)

John Masters Organics (johnmasters.com)

Korres (korresusa.com)

Origins (origins.com)

Pangea Organics (pangeaorganics.com)


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