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02 Jun Photographer’s New Trick

So, a lot of photographers who have been making their trade as photographers for a long time or very threatened and upset by this. In my opinion, that’s not a bad thing. That’s usually the sign of people who are being too lazy to adapt. Now, that may be wrong, and there may be people who are not lazy but just haven’t had the same opportunity, but they still have the chance to learn how to thrive in this new system, and their years of experience, if they were any good, will certainly aid them. So, when we use  camera filter apps like this, we end up having a lot of really great stuff going on all the time. I think that’s pretty cool. I think that it’s so great that all these great new images are entering at once, and even if it means that some great stuff gets overlooked, it means that more mediocre stuff also gets overlooked. And who can Define greatness anyway. If you’re bitter because you are photography is not in style, whether it has been in has fallen out of, or is simply never been, maybe you’re just not taking the right approach to making popular photography. It could very well fall on you. Not for not making good work, I’m not saying anything about the quality come I’m simply talking about the marketability and aspects like that, now I know it’s hard not to take that kind of purse thing personal, when people say things like that, but I think it’s essential. I think it’s important, that we don’t do that.


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