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28 Apr Top 7 Best Non Smudge Eyeliner

As the warmer months reach most of the world, it’s time to look into vamping up your makeup routine.  This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and get a fresh plate of makeup, but it does give you the opportunity to play around with your style a bit and experiment with new looks.  If you’re looking to spice up your daily look a little, consider the idea that maybe all you need to do is a get an eyeliner that works for you!  Get one that makes you look for every mirror you see just so that you can check yourself out and appreciate the way your eyes pop.  It exists, especially in these top 7 non smudge eyeliner options.  Take a look for yourself!



The number one option for those who want a sleek style with no hint of smudging or other nasty features of cheap makeup, this is a great eyeliner.  It streaks on smoothly with a precis tip and a great dark colour that will perfectly halo your eyes.  This is a great look for quiet daily style as well as nighttime life.  It stays in place from the start of your day to the end with 24/7 coverage.  You’ll be so impressed with your new look that you won’t know what hit you!

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  1. Marc Jacobs – Magic marc’er precision pen waterproof eyeliner

For a designer style, you need to go with a designer eyeliner pen.  This is a 100% waterproof eyeliner pen that will smoothly apply and then stay right where you put it for the entire day.  This is one of the best liners out there because it is made from designer materials.  Guaranteeing a bold look as well as a quiet one for those who aren’t looking for a wild time, your eyes will pop and your summer style will blossom into a whole new level.  A great option for those who want to experience some of the best eyes they can create.

  1. Kat Von D – Tattoo liner

 photo katvondreview2_zps05085c6a.png

With a hint of sparkle, this liner goes on smoothly and then stays there.  Period.  Like the name suggests, it mimics a cosmetic tattoo that you put on to your perfection and taste, and you can experience a smudge free day that will have you running your errands and smiling at everyone you pass without wondering if your eyeliner is running in the heat of the day.  This is eyeliner that will give you a bold look for your nights out and never let you down, regardless of how long your day is.  If you’re looking for a step up in style, this is a great option to consider for a smudge free, waterproof experience.


  1. Nars – Eyeliner Stylo

Intended to bring the stars out of your eyes and bring all of the deserving attention to you, this eyeliner highlights the eye with the help of a shimmer and shine that allows the perfect balance of smooth colour and sparkle.  Perfect for accenting that bright lipstick and giving you some mystical flair at the same time, you will be the belle of the ball with one flick of this liquid eyeliner.  You’ll be waterproof and safe from smudging from your first minute of the day to the last.  For those that want a great look with no long hours spent in front of the mirror, this is a subtle and simultaneously flashy way to achieve just that.  Enjoy the show!


  1. YSL – Shocking false lash effect eyeliner

For a slim and clean line that stays in place when you finish your routine, this is a great option to consider.  It is great for throwing in your purse for when you need to bump up your style from meek to flashy, and has lots of great benefits.  You’ll love the way it boosts the look of your lashes too, as all of the best eyeliner should.  It’s easy to put on, comfortable, smudge free, and long lasting for those days where you go and go and go.  A great option to consider for those who love to experiment.

  1. Smashbox – Limitless liquid liner pen

All of the modern looks today are done with professional liquid eyeliner.  If you’re looking to match that clean and bold look, this option – as the name suggests – presents limitless options.  You can go out each day knowing that you’ll look as fabulous as you did when you left even if you return hours and hours later, exhausted but full of good, fast paced memories.  This eyeliner pen will match your pace and help you look your best from start to finish of your day.


  1. Rouge Bunny Rouge – Nocturnal Ink Satin Eyeliner

So, you’ve seen the beet of the best, and now the hard part becomes figuring out which one you want to try.  Well you know that each of these options gives you the option of having a fantastic makeup day, so while we have our favourite option (#1), the one you choose will give you a great look al day long.  The best part of each of these seven options, is that you can switch back and forth between them and know that you’ll get a fantastic style no matter which one you settle on as your favourite.  That’s style right there.

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