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01 Aug Travel with Kenny


I will be traveling with my son Kenny in six months time. As early as now, I want to prepare the things I should bring, especially that I am bringing along a six year old kid with me. Before, when I was traveling solo, I only mind about myself and the  clothes I will wear. But now is different. I need to prepare more, research harder, ask lots of questions, and anticipate everything. One thing I need to set my eyes on is our itinerary. We will backpack in India for two months and I should check if the hotels or hostels we will be staying is kid friendly.


That is important to me, plus the food, and the sights I will be seeing. Also, I need to prepare for our clothes. I am excited to buy matchy outfits for us for our tours. I actually bought a couple of  wood watches which I found online for our city tours. This best wooded watches page  I saw online has a lot of nice reviews so I trusted it. I cannot wait to take pictures with him with our wood watches. I also bought some jackets and pajames which are match for us. And a bag too. He will have his own little blue suitcase, which will consists of his medicines, his clothes, and his toys and food. Mine is way heavier than the usual because I need to stack up on more clothes for him and have a few spaces so I can have something for souvenirs. I hope my trip with Kenny in India will bring him good childhood memories which shall also leave him with lessons and stories to tell to his dad.

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