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07 Mar Well, work on the basement suite is going well

Well, work on the basement suite is going well. Once again, Linda and I have managed to create a diamond out of the rough. I don’t know why we keep doing it. But I’ll tell you one thing, doing it is starting to take quite a toll on my body. I haven’t told Linda about it yet, but this time around, this renovation cost me a whole lot of pain even if it costs less money than usual. I can begin to feel the health of my spine, you know like my neck and back, specifically my lower back, deteriorate with all this hard work we’ve been doing. It’s terrible because we finally found something that we love to do together and that is quite profitable for us.

All sorts of friends, family, and even strangers are inviting us to come in and redesign and rebuild parts of their home. It is a perfect outlet for both of our careers and helped us gain some extremely valuable Independence. But I hadn’t been working physically this constantly for– heck, even nearly a decade! I didn’t realize that my back wasn’t going to be as strong as it used to be… It seems like common sense, but I have kept pretty active– my hobbies still have me hiking around and hauling things. So I’m looking for a Raleigh chiropractor, someone who can help me straighten out my back and neck issues, figuratively and literally speaking of course. I think there has to be some kind of proactive solution I can take and I just don’t want to worry Linda, I know she’s very happy… And I hope she isn’t reading this! Though I doubt she is. Regardless, maybe this means that I should talk to her about it, it’s not worth keeping secrets from your partner, I have learned. So The To Do List has just grown by 2, find myself a decent chiropractor and listen to what he tells me about keeping my spine in better shape, and telling Linda all about what I’ve been going through lately.

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